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Revelation: The Nora White Story (Book Two)

When Nora White is drugged by her friend, she is forced to deal with the harsh reality of life in the North. Nora realizes her parents were right and that things are not as they seem. She meets Keisha and the women catch a ride to The Den, a gambling and numbers hole-in-the-wall in Jacobsville New York. Unlike the upper eschaton of Harlem, Nora’s new friends are hustlers but down to Earth and feels more like family. There’s only one problem. Nora has no idea her father has been arrested and back home Molly is hanging on by a thread. When the community devises a way to get Gideon out of jail, their actions could mean life or death for everyone involved. While Nora falls in love with Red, a young man she meets at The Den, she is unaware that her true purpose is about to be revealed in a most shocking way. Could the Revelation of things to come prove too much for Nora?

Find out in Book Two of The Nora White Story.



KEEP YOURSELF FULL is YOUR reminder that life is about more than just surviving, but making the greatest impact you can while you are here. It is about caring about something greater than yourself. There’s only one problem: many of us are so depressed that we don’t even have enough of ourselves to give to others.

This book is deeper than inspiration and motivation. Being inspired is great but it only goes so far. What we need more than ever is a consistent discipline of the mind to carry through. You can be happy for today but without a consistent shift in perspective, this happiness will not last. What we think about we become which means that we must train our minds to see the good, in every situation. To see the purpose, one day at a time.

Why is this important? Because YOUR STRENGTH IS IN YOUR MIND. For that, this book is a daily reminder to KEEP YOURSELF FULL because only when you’re filled with light can you shine. Be good to YOU so that you can be good to others. It’s the only way to win.

There is nothing wrong with your cup overflowing because it’s the only way that you can truly offer yourself to others. So, take these sips of nourishment to sustain you so that in the daily grind that is your life, while you’re surviving, you do not forget to live.