Mrs. Professional (Tier 2)


Mrs. Professional (Tier 2)


Meet Mrs. Professional! Mrs. Professional is neat, tidy, and on time at all times. She's very organized and dependable. Professional just ask that we all do our best to do things the right way. What can she say? She's a professional! If you're late for anything, Mrs. P will give you a really good talking to. That's when you know you've upset her. She's married to Mr. Professional, they have three professional children and a professional dog.

The Mrs. Professional Sponsorship package includes:

  • The EC Paperback Book Collection (12 Books), signed with author seal and bookmark

  • Brag Swag: Name or Company Name and Logo on website, event flyers, and social media pages

  • Exposure to hundreds of people with your Company name and logo on Retractable Banners at events

  • Author / Business Spotlight on Yecheilyah’s blog of over 2700 subscribers and over 70k views weekly

  • Free Book Business Plan Template

  • Free Author Media Kit Template

  • Special Email promo of you and your business to my over 170+ email subscribers.

  • I am Soul Poster

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