30- Minute Phone Conference


30- Minute Phone Conference


Questions? Comments? Concerns about book publishing? Let me help. Calls begin at 30-minute intervals to address your inquiries. You will get an email after purchasing this service to set up a time to talk. Please be sure you have 30-minutes minimum of free, uninterrupted time. (Be sure your connection is secure so our conversation is not cut off).

“It was a pleasure to speak to Yecheilyah. My consultation was a great experience and I'm grateful for her words of wisdom. I recommend her to everyone.”

- Laverne M. King

“Hi Yecheilyah. Thought you might like to know that the Small Town Kid poetry memoir hit #1 in its category on Amazon last night on the back of e-book sales. Thank you so much for your support. I'm grateful.”

- Frank Prem

“Thank you Yecheilyah for taking the time to review my novel. What I valued even more was the constructive criticism which will propel me to make what I believed was a very good book even better. It’s a tremendous service you perform.”

-William Spivey

“I would definitely recommend Literary Korner Publishing. This company is well experienced and has a lot of knowledge on what has to be done for your publishing needs to be perfected!! The finished product is Amazing!!” - Lashon Holliday

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