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**Please Read Carefully Before Submitting Your Book For Review***

Book Reviews - A thorough read of your book and detailed written review.

Reviews are published to Amazon, Goodreads, and The PBS Blog. To qualify for a review, you MUST register your book via THIS registration form and meet my Review Guidelines. Book Bloggers get tons of requests. Registering through THIS form secures your place in line if I decide to review your book.

Upon receiving your form I will look over your information. If I like what I see I will email you requesting the first Chapter of the book. If I am further intrigued, I will email you requesting a complimentary copy of the entire manuscript.

If I accept your book for a review you must also be willing to gift me a copy. I accept Kindle, mobi, and PDF files. I DO NOT accept Word Documents.

(1) Register your book through the form

(2) Await my email

(3) Send me your first chapter

(4) Gift me a copy of the entire book

(5) Please be patient as I read the book. Constantly emailing me won't make me read any faster.

(6) Reviews of 3-5 will be published on my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.


I will pretty much read any genre but my favorites are Literary Fiction, Black Lit / African American Literature, Historical Fiction, Women's Fiction and General Fiction. Also Memoirs and Inspirational books. I do not currently review the following genres. It is not intended to be discriminatory in any way. Thank you for understanding:

• LGBT Fiction / Literature
• Erotica
• Witchcraft

*Romance is OK, just not strict Erotica

*Fantasy is OK, just not heavy themes surrounding witchcraft

  • Reviews are read in the order in which they are received and are published to my blog, Amazon, and Goodreads.
  • Books reviewed are also promoted via my email list
  • Only ratings of 3-5 are published to my blog.
  • My agreeing to read your book does not guarantee you a 5* review

"It’s not just because she reviewed my novelette, All Good Stories, and gave it 5 stars, I’m writing about her because she gives great (and helpful) reviews. In a market, so full, it’s hard to choose what to read, isn’t it? We really need reviews these days that go beyond the minimalistic, “I liked it,” to know what we’re investing our money in. Because money doesn’t grow on trees. Neither do books anymore, for that matter." - Linda G. Hill, author, All Good Stories.



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*I have a right to decline promotion of any book for any reason. Since this is a free service, I highly recommend book submissions with high-quality book covers. This will increase the likelihood of the promotion of your book and someone clicking on your cover in the email and possibly purchasing your book.



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