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"Painting poetic justice against the backdrop of heavy keystrokes."

- Yecheilyah Ysrayl


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“The author really did her research, touching on the feud between Zora and Langston over a play written by both, but only Zora was given credit. The way she wove Nora into the middle of the feud was genius. It was reminiscent of Forrest Gump a bit.”
- Lisa W. Tetting
"When I finished reading Renaissance: The Nora White Story I actually shouted. I loved, loved this book. From beginning to end. The characters are still alive inside my mind. The setting as well. I could smell the hot soup the girls had or the rain on the hot earth. The dialogue is superb; I can still hear the soft southern accent in my mind."
- Adele Marie Park
“First of all, let me say that I'm loving your book so far. The voice (yours/Nora's), imagery, dialogue, and overall literary style remind me of Toni Morrison's and Zora Neale Hurston's. Damn, girl! You're giving me goals!”
- Nadine Tomlinson

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Revolution: The Nora White Story - Book II

"I found myself enthralled with this story. The way the author blends the actual events of the past with her fictitious interpretation is compelling. The visual depictions of the surrounding had me inside the room when Nora was waking from one of her spells. I could smell the open air of the South and feel the breeze on my face at the lake. I had the feeling that if I took a step, I would enter into the realm of Nora and her friends as they prepared for the huge Marcus Garvey event at The Garden."
- Lisa W. Tetting
"There are a lot of characters and they’re all likable (except for a few here and there which I’m sure we’re not really supposed to care too much for). They all have their own agenda going on or their own conflict and everyone is intertwined with each other. It’s well done."
- Rachel Poli



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"I really enjoyed this poetry collection--it made me slow down and savor each poem. Some of the poems I kept going back to re-read so that I could enjoy the experience again!" - Ellen Smith
"Very inspiring! Thank you for enlightening my heart with such powerful words. The words on all the poems come to life and become reality in so many ways. I will definitely recommend this book to my family and friends." - Celeste Crowder
I am Soul
By Yecheilyah Ysrayl
“The author’s writing is beautiful. She captivates the dialect of the southern speak wonderfully and I found the description of each and every action and location to just roll off my tongue as I read.”

- Rachel Poli
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When seventeen-year-old Nora White successfully graduates High School in 1922 Mississippi and is College bound, everyone is overjoyed and excited. Everyone except Nora. She dreams of Harlem, Cotton Clubs, Fancy Dresses, and Langston Hughes. For years, she's sat under Mr. Oak, the big oak tree on the plush green grass of her families five acres, and daydreamed of The Black Mecca.

The ambitious, young Nora is fascinated by the prospect of being a famous writer in The Harlem Renaissance and decides she doesn't want to go to College. Despite her parent's staunch protest, Nora finds herself in Jacobsville, New York, a small town forty-five minutes outside of Harlem.

Shocked by their daughter's disappearance, Gideon and Molly White are plagued with visions of the deadly south, like the brutal lynching of Gideon's sister years ago. As the couple embark on a frightening and gut wrenching search for Nora, they are each stalked by their own traumatic past. Meanwhile, Nora learns that the North is not all it's cracked up to be.

Can Gideon and Molly overcome their disturbing past in time to find their daughter before it's too late?




The Stella Trilogy

"This trilogy hit the nail on the head and painted vivid pictures of what it meant to be black during the time of slavery. It also introduces an aspect many of us are not exposed to especially when one is mixed and is faced with the hard choice of choosing which “side” you will let the world see and how this benefits you and in the long run how it affects you as a person and your family. The character Stella is a strong woman faced with hard choices and carries burdens that we cannot fathom. It is eye opening of the racial diversities that we still encounter today, making it a bitter pill to swallow no matter which side of the spectrum you’re looking at it. These stories all tell a tale of their own, each taking you down a path you did not see coming. They are all unique in their own way and are quite interesting considering there are three generations represented. Great read for everyone and interesting to discuss in a book club."
-    Kasapo Chibwe