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Yecheilyah on The Magic Happens Radio: Segment - Tell me a Story

Today, on Tell Me a Story, we welcome one busy lady. Yecheilyah (e-SEE-li-yah) Ysrayl is the owner and founder of Literary Korner Publishing and has written eight books to date going back to 2010. A poet, book reviewer, and blogger, she is most noted for her Stella Trilogy, a historical fiction series about a woman named Stella and her family’s search for acceptance and racial identity. Yecheilyah is also the owner and founder of The PBS Blog where she blogs on a variety of topics from black history to poetry, biblical analysis, inspirational quotes, and self-publishing tips. Let’s tune into The Magic Happens Radio Network today and see what the woman, affectionately known as EC, is up to these days.


Yecheilyah on The Source WURD Radio 96.1 FM


WURD is the only “African-American” (Israelite) owned and operated talk radio station in Pennsylvania, and one of a few in the country. WURD serves as the heartbeat and pulse of Philadelphia’s “African-American” community by providing information and solutions that educate, uplift and inspire.


Couch Convos. with Lisa W. Tetting

Welcome to another edition of Couch Convos with your girl, Lisa W. Tetting. Today we have a special treat for you. Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl, aka EC, joins us to talk about her short story trilogy, Stella. It is a unique take on racism, slavery and provides a history lesson we all need to learn.



Book Release Party: Stella Book 2 with Colleen Chesebro

I am proud to introduce you to my friend, Yecheilyah Ysrayl, writer, poet, and blogger. Today, August 24, 2015, we are celebrating the release of her new novel, “Stella – Beyond the Colored Line.”


Author Spotlight with Dottie Daniels


Here’s another author (she’s a poet as well) who also has a page here on WordPress. I consider myself and anyone else aware of her to be pretty lucky already as this author has a pretty powerful perspective and is more than capable of articulating her experiences and thought processes as it relates to the cultural upbringing of the African American experience. Her name is Yecheilyah Ysrayl and I had the pleasure of doing a Q&A session with her a few weeks ago. Below is the interview along with her social media contact info.



Smorgasbord Open House with Sally Cronin

My guest today is Yecheilyah Ysrayl (“EC”) and is an author, Spoken Word Artist and blogger. She was born on the south side of Chicago and began writing short stories and poetry at the age of twelve. She studied at various educational institutions after leaving Harper High School, including studying Professional and Technical Writing at Chicago State University and Medical Assistance/Phlebotomy at Everest College.


Update on Yecheilyah with Sally Cronin (2016)

The next author update is for Yecheilyah Ysrayl whose book The Road to Freedom: Joseph’s Story was promoted on the blog in March 2015.


Book Promotions with Jason Cushman

That’s right, Jason has given me the keys to the house. Water? Juice? I’ll make coffee, want some? Cream? Sugar? Black? Really? Now that’s just disgusting. Why you and my husband are not on the French Vanilla Cream bandwagon is beyond me. Any who, let’s sit.

Today, we’re discussing a much needed, and often controversial, subject: Book Promotion Services. The question is often, do they work?


Guest Author with Chris Graham

My name is Yecheilyah, pronounced e-see-lee-yah but everyone calls me EC for short. I grew up on Chicago’s south side in the Robert Taylor Projects and everywhere else in-between. As a family who struggled and moved around a lot I’ve seen everything from crack addicts, drug dealers, and homeless shelters all before age ten.


Author Interview with Jean Alexander

First, I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. My name is Yecheilyah Ysrayl (Yecheilyah pronounced e-see-lee-yah) but most people just call me EC, and I started writing when I was twelve years old.


Don Massenzio's Special Edition: 20 Questions with Yecheilyah Ysrayl

Today, I am very pleased to sit down with prolific author and blogger Yecheilyah Ysrayl. Her blog is one that I look forward to reading every day because of its positive and inspirational message. She is going to tell us about her work, her inspiration and a bit about herself in this special edition of 20 Questions. Please enjoy.


The Negro Spiritual - A Historical Document

“The so-called “slave songs” of the United States are best understood when they are considered as expressions of individual Negroes which can be dated and assigned to a geographical locale. They are, in brief, historical documents”. – Miles Mark Fisher, Negro Slave Songs in the United States."


Basics Every Indie Author Needs Before Publishing a Book

When I published my first book, I didn’t see my writing as a business. It was just me doing what I’ve always wanted to do. However, as I began to learn and as I continue to learn, I quickly discovered why Self-Publishing requires so much work: It’s a business.


A Simple Look at Author Platform Building with Sue Vincent

Note: This article can apply to ANYONE just starting a business, not just writers, who would like to understand more about platform building. Just replace writer / author with your profession.


Why I Ditched my Blog Sidebar

The number of mobile-only users has recently surpassed the number of desktop-only users. According to an article in Marketing Land, “Mobile now represents 65 percent of digital media time, while the desktop is becoming a “secondary touch point” for an increasing number of digital users.” While desktop-only usage isn’t showing signs of retreat, most people are browsing the net using their smart-phones.


An Author's Journey: 3 Lessons I've Learned this Year (2016)

Welcome author, Yecheilyah Ysrayl to THE WRITER’S JOURNEY segment of  Kim’s Author Support Blog. Take it away, Yecheilyah. This is her journey.


Awesome Book Promotion with Yecheilyah Ysrayl

Tell us a little about yourself. Where were you raised? Where do you live now?

My name is Yecheilyah (e-see-lee-yah) Ysrayl (yis-ra-yl) and I’m a 29 year old native of Chicago, IL. I grew up on the south side of The Windy City and with the exception of a brief move to Milwaukee at age ten, spent most of my life there. After High School I attended Everest College and Chicago State University where I met my husband. In 2009 we moved to Shreveport, LA where I now reside.


Enjoy the Journey

A journey is defined as moving from one place to another. Some people do this with such speed that you may feel the wind bouncing off them, others move much slowly and then there are those who pace. According to Wikipedia, pacing strategies in track and field are the varied strategies which runners use to distribute their energy throughout a race. In a championship race, where the goal of the race is to win, the pace is typically slow at the beginning of the race and gradually speeds up. I don’t know about you, but I’m in it to win and for this, I must pace and so should you.


The Broke Author's Secret Weapon

Self-Publishing has opened the door for writers to finally make their dreams come true. Dreams that were hindered by way of jobs that got in the way of writing, Traditional Publishing rejections, children that parents needed to raise first, a school that needed to be finished first and a slew of other reasons that has stopped the passionate writer from producing a book. The biggest concern with publishing? Finances.


It is Worth It

Any writer who is really seeking to make a difference, not just to pen empty words on a page but to literally carve purpose into ink and to do it so powerfully that it breaks down mental barriers, this writer must expect to have doubt and fear at some point in their journey to greatness. At one point one may feel irrelevant and their work equivalent to someone standing in a crowded room, screaming, but not being heard. If this is your time (for we shall all have our time), if I’ve described how you’re feeling right now, then I say to you that it is worth it.


Literacy’s Role in African American Education

I’ve always enjoyed reading. If I could, I can spend an entire day reading, 24 hours easy. In school, I’ve also been far better at English and Literature than I was at math or science. In fact, the better I did in Literature, it seemed the worse I was in math. It got so bad that when I was in High School and my teacher assigned a poetry project, I wrote a poem about how much I hated math. I still hate math.


Getting the Most Out of Guest Blog Posts

Writing articles on other blogs, preferably ones more established than yours, gives you the chance to showcase your work on a larger scale. Whether you are writing an article, an inspiring post, or excerpts from your work, it’s a great way to put yourself out there as a writer, to network with fellow bloggers/writers, gain exposure, and polish your writing skills.


Then and Now: Writing 1920's Fiction in 2017

One of the important pieces of research I must do for my books is to look at the differences between how we live today and how we lived in the early 1900's. In writing book one of The Nora White Story, for instance, I found myself researching some strange things, such as how the people bathed back then. It may sound funny but such details can make or break a work of Historical Fiction. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself doing weeks of research just for a single scene.


Book Reading and Interview with Sally Cronin


Yecheilyah will be giving a book reading from the third in the Stella series – The Road to Freedom: Joseph’s Story and we will learn more about that book later in the post. First however, a look at Yecheilyah’s other work.


Indie Shine with Lisa W. Tetting

In this edition of Indie Shine, a place for rebirthoflisa to “Shine” the spotlight on indie artists, we welcome author Yecheilyah Ysrayl.


21 Questions with Best Selling Author Dan Alatorre

Occasionally on the blog we will talk with one of our author friends, gaining valuable insights into their behind the scene world. Today we meet with Yecheilyah Ysrayl, an extraordinary writer and book blogger, among other things.


15 Lessons I Learned about Writing So Far

I present to you 15 things I’ve learned so far in my journeys. It was difficult to downsize to a 15-item list but I managed it. The top five things are the last five at the bottom.


Speaking it into Existence

This picture was taken last year at a restaurant in Atlanta. I had just finished a book signing for the release of Book 3 in The Stella Trilogy and was to act in the stage-play Blakk Amerika: From Prophets to Pimps the next day.


Telling the Truth through Stories (Part One)

This month, I’m having a conversation with Yecheilyah (pronounced ee-SEE-li-yah) Ysrayl about her latest novel and how she tells stories. I connected with this dynamic creative through blogging about two years ago. “EC”, as she is affectionately called, is a bubbly spirit with an infectious laugh. She has authored several books and works of poetry and is also a book reviewer. Two days ago, she launched her historical novel, Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One).


Telling the Truth through Stories (Part Two)

“Storytellers are responsible for telling the truth. For writing the shackles off history.” ― Yecheilyah Ysrayl


Colleen's Coming Attractions: Renaissance: The Nora White Story (Book One)


Featured Author - The Return of Yecheilyah Ysrayl

You were a guest on ‘Writer’s Treasure Chest’ before, where we learned about writing in your life and your projects. Let’s see what you can tell us today.


Interview with author Yecheilyah

This week’s guest post is the wonderful Yecheilyah Ysrayl, author of The Nora White Story who gave up her time to answer some interview questions! Enjoy.


Shadows and Lights of Harlem – Interview with Author Yecheilyah Ysrayl

It’s with great pleasure that today I’m hosting author Yecheilyah Ysrayl on my blog.

Yecheilyah is the author the Stella Trilogy and many other books and she has just inaugurated a new series set in Harlem in the 1920s, the Nora White Story .

The Nora White Series is set during the Harlem Renaissance, which was a grand time of awakening for African Americans. It was a time of experimentation and advancement in many fields, though it was in the arts that African Americans had their most widespread national recognition. This is the time when jazz emerged and when great authors wrote their most remembered works.

It is because of this great artistic fire that contemporary authors usually focus on the good things the Renaissance brought about. Yecheilyah has portrayed a far more complex reality.


Why I Built an ARC Team (and what it is)

"Yecheilyah Ysrayl, friend of the blog, Word Weaver Writing Contest sponsor, and author of Renaissance: The Nora White Story, joins us today to shed insights on how to do stuff I didn’t even know about. No kidding! And you need to know it, too." - Dan Alatorre


The Harlem Renaissance No One Talks About

"The Harlem Renaissance, also known as The New Negro Movement, was a cultural, literary, and artistic movement of the 1920s. It wasn’t anything new but it brought Black talent and creativity to the mainstream. What came about was something that had been part of the so-called Black experience for centuries."


Dear Book Bloggers (and others promoting authors)

By promote authors I mean that you are essentially doing some form of:

  • Book Promotions

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